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CAS NO: 72956-09-3


CAS NO: 72956-09-3 : Product Description

CAS NO:72956-09-3

Shodhana line of Carvedilol Intermediates- CAS NO: 72956-09-3 are extensive and diverse. Covering a wide collection of CAS NO: 72956-09-3, Carvedilol Intermediates, Ranolazine & many Intermediates areas. With a strong priority on innovation and decisive process development our API’s chemicals proven that highest quality standards. We have an in house designing and manufacturing unit that helps to design chemical process ingredients to meet the client’s requirements.

We experts assist you and gives information on CAS NO: 59729-32-7 chemical API’s, Pharmaceutical and Intermediates areas. Carvedilol is a non-selective beta blocker determined in the analysis of mild to pleasant congestive heart failure. It blocks alpha α1- and β2 adrenergic receptors as alpha α1 adrenergic receptors. Shodhana has the required capacity, expertise and commitment to meet your demands.

Specification of CAS NO: 72956-09-3:

  • Synonyms: Talliton, Dilatrend, BM 14190, SKF 105517
  • Chemical Formula: C24H26N2O4
  • Molar Mass: 406.5
  • Usage: Room Temperature
  • Storage: Store at room temperature
  • Application: An α1- and β-adrenergic receptor antagonist

Business type of CAS NO: 72956-09-3: Manufacturer and Supplier
Areas Covered by CAS NO: 72956-09-3: India and International