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CAS NO:59729-32-7

Shodhana is an Citalopram Intermediates manufacturers of CAS NO: 59729-32-7 in India. We have been steadfastly growing company in the field of innovation, quality ingredients and customer services. The company has promoted team in such way that they are holding master degree in pharmaceuticals and bio technology. From past few years they involving in Pharmaceutical R & D, well experienced Doctorate in chemistry.

Shodhana Laboratories Limited is involved in manufacturing and supplying of API’s and Pharma Ingredients of high quality for the global market. Here you can find API’s Chemicals with different specifications and that are available in different models including CAS NO: 59729-32-7, CAS NO: 103639-04-9, CAS NO: 72956-09-3 , CAS NO: 129101-54-8 and many more.

Specification of CAS NO: 59729-32-7

  • Synonyms: Citalopram HBr Salt, Citalopram-D4Br, Citalopramehydrobromidecarbazol-4-one Monohydrochloride Dihydrate CitalopraM HBr API
  • Chemical Formula: C20H22BrFN2O
  • Molar Mass: 405.31
  • Usage: Anti-depressant/Anti-psychotic
  • Storage: Store at room temperature
  • Application: A highly selective and potent ST inhibitor

Business type of CAS NO: 59729-32-7: Manufacturer and Supplier
Areas Covered by CAS NO: 59729-32-7: India and International