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Orthophthaldehyde Manufacturers

Shodhana laboratories is eminent as a Orthophthaldehyde manufacturer in Andhra Pradesh, India. We are the best Manufacturers and distributors of fine quality grade chemicals. We consists of R&D warehouses and offices. It Manufactures and supplies organic Intermediates, amino acids from few grams to Kilograms.

Orthophthaldehyde is regularly used as a high level antimicrobic for medical equipments. Medical aid with Orthophthaldehyde is indicated for non-crucial that inherit contact with secretion membranes or broken skin like specula, internal ultrasound probe and structure. This Orthophthaldehyde is also called as O-Phthalaldehyde and it is a substance with chemical formula C6H4(CHO)2. It seems as a yellowish color and combination of amino acids.

Orthophthaldehyde is well soluble and stable in water with PH scale less than 11. These amino acids is ladder proof fluorescent chemical agent for verify the standard of amines or sulfhydryls in answer. The reactivity of Orthophthaldehyde is very tough by the particular truth with water it forms every a mono and di hydrate.