| Our Strengths

Tested strength and capabilities :

  • Good knowledge on cGMP requirements, regulatory requirements, DMF preparations and filing, systems development and implementation
  • Patent evaluation, Implications and Patenting processes
  • 80+ DMFs Filed for various products globally
  • Supplies to 50+ countries
  • Regulatory Approvals:KFDA (Korea), TGA (Australia ), COFEPRIS (Mexico)
  • USDMF Filed
  • ISO-9001-2008 and ISO 14001-2004 certified
  • Accreditation of foreign manufacturer by PMDA, Japan
  • EU Written Confirmations
  • The VP Technical and the CEO have several patents to their credit
  • Shodhana has Indian Patent applications filed to its credit
  • Shodhana has filed US patent applications
  • Shodhana has filed PCT applications (Including one novel polymorph)
  • Good Scientific knowledge about process development, scale up , commercialization and adaptation of new processes and technologies

Expertise in Chemistry :

Hands on experience in chemical reactions

  • Grignard reactions
  • Resolutions & Racemizations
  • Reductions
  • Oxidations
  • Alkylations
  • Mannich Reaction
  • Cyclisation
  • Amidations
  • Fischer indole synthesis
  • Aromatization
  • Hydrogenations
  • Friedel-Crafts Alkylation
  • Dieckmann Reaction

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