Among the top ROTIGOTINE MANUFACTURERS, Shodhana Laboratories deserves notice. Founded in 2000, we have made a name for ourselves in the market by delivering high-quality APIs and Intermediates for a wide range of medical applications for patients across the globe. From our humble beginnings to serving 50-plus countries worldwide, we remain committed to our goal; improving the lives of patients and delivering better health outcomes. 


We strongly believe that good healthcare is a fundamental right. For this reason, we strive hard to remain at the forefront of medical innovations. With a team of skilled scientists, researchers, and workers, we work tirelessly to deliver medical solutions that redefine what is possible and explore new avenues. We also adhere to a string of strict quality regulations, such as WHO-GMP, USFDA, PMDA Japan, KFDA Korea, ISO 9001-2008, and ISO 14000:2004 just to name a few. The welfare of our patients is our top priority, and we take every possible step to ensure every medical solution we deliver lives up to our promise every time. 


For the most widely regarded and quality-focused ROTIGOTINE MANUFACTURERS, contact Shodhana Laboratories today!

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