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Silodosin Manufacturers

Shodhana is a synonym for quality Silodosin Manufacturers and we exports our products to different nations and possess a global reach to 38 destinations like (USA, China, Germany etc..). We are certified by A WHO GMP, ISO 9001-2008 and ISO 14000:2004, Food and medical Industries.

Silodosin could be a medication accustomed treat the symptoms of endocrine gland BPH ( Benign prostatic hyperplasia). It’s also an alpha blocker which works to offer relief for muscles with in the bladder neck and prostate, Silodosin gives great relief from urinate frequently, difficulty in beginning the flow of urine, urinate during the center of night. This could not be used for treating High blood pressure.

Our Silodosin may also be used to get rid of kidney stones, make feel free while urination. This should not be given to the women. This Silodosin we will offer according to the dosage. The company is well supported by our well experienced technical team who are involved in Research and Development, Manufacturing, Supplying and Exporting.